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Samiroy is a cutting-edge consulting firm specializing in engineering leadership and principal engineering services for early stage companies. As a product incubator, we also develop and launch consumer-oriented innovations that captivate the market, while our technology consulting expertise empowers startups to thrive in the dynamic business landscape.

Currently building Poonji. Learn more at

No‑code Algorithmic Trading Bots

Poonji is a no-code platform for creating algorithmic trading bots using visual tools to combine configurable building blocks.

Also built Endless Traffic. Learn more at /games.

Arcade Game for iPhone

Endless Traffic is a rush hour traffic frenzy arcade game for the iPhone and Apple Watch. Manage increasingly rowdy traffic during rush hour to keep the intersection clear of accidents.

games played by 3,386 players last month

Woohoo Shield

Live Fantasy Sports Game

WooHoo was a live fantasy sports experience created to play along with the ICC Cricket World Cup in 2015.

Samiroy LLC was founded in 2017 by Samir Roy

Founded by Samir Roy

Samir has been a senior engineering leader at several early-stage technology companies and has worked on product and engineering at startups through various stages of growth, with multiple successful exits. He has helped founders navigate through various accelerators and funding programs, including Shark Tank and YCombinator.

  • Consulting Engineer @ Benepass
    (YCombinator W20)
  • Engineering Lead @ Collage
    ($80M yearly revenue, acquired by Foreground)
  • Head of Engineering @ Toymail
    (founding engineer, YCombinator W16, Shark Tank S08E17)
  • VP Engineering @ KiwiTech
    (founding engineer, helped grow from 0 to 300+ engineers)
  • Consulting Engineer @ Fingerprint Play
    (acquired by Sandbox)
  • Lead Engineer @ Librify
    (acquired by Scribd)
  • Lead Engineer @ Kloof
    (acquired by American Kennel Club)
  • Started Career @ Accenture
    (worked on world's largest enterprise mobile deployment)

contributions on GitHub, in calendar year 2022

Samir's Education

While growing up in Delhi, wrote first program in Logo to control a turtle to draw a house, and was forever hooked! Won national coding competitions throughout high school and beat out participants from higher grades to represent India in international contests. Went on to graduate from the University of Virginia with a degree in Computer Science.

Undergraduate thesis on
non‑photorealistic rendering:
Style Spheres

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This website is open source. You can find the source code at It is built using awesome open source technologies including Typescript, React, & Gatsby, and is hosted on Vercel.

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